Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My photography essay, titled "Stairs to Nowhere", epitomizes the simple beauty of the commonly overlooked stair. To illustrate their subtle attractive quality, I selected Darling Harbour as my site of photography, notorious as one of the world's most spectacular harbors. The positioning of everyday stairs against the beauty of Sydney's Opera House and Darling Harbour draws a parallel between the simplistic aesthetic of the stairs, and the breathtaking city views. Although stairs, as a commonplace structure, go unnoticed as objects of beauty, their essential purpose enables us, as mobile humans, to access areas beyond our reach. They typify the basic brilliance of simple human technology, and allow us to reach the highs and lows of our urban landscape, thus the choice of my photography subject.

Ellen Jephcott
MAS110: Semester 2 Lab 13
Music - "Quit Bitching" by Broke for Free, from the Album 'Layers'. Released April 8th, 2012
Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial.

Software: iPhoto, iMovie 

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