Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo Essay - Paper: Shape and Form

Photo Essay - Paper: Shape and Form


Modern photography has seen a shift from the idea of capturing special occasions or rarefied moments, to exploring the aspects of our everyday lives that contribute to our construction of self and the world around us (Murray, 2008: 151). This change, along with technologies that blur distinctions between the professional and the beginner, have instigated movements of amateur photography
. Trends have adopted an attraction to the everyday aesthetic of otherwise mundane objects and ephemera that would usually go unnoticed. Thus, the theme for our Photo Essay is 'Paper'; an ordinary accessible object, yet one that can be both simply and complexly transformed into artwork.

We were both fascinated with the idea of how paper can be cut, sculpted, coloured and burnt, which generated the idea of our sub-theme; shape and form. Our short film commences with mundane images of plain, one dimensional paper, in a printer tray and a blank notepad. It then progresses to multifaceted images that demonstrate how paper can be manipulated to create art; producing paper doll chains, three dimensional origami, brightly lit paper lanterns and birthday cards. The order of our images corresponds with the building of the music track, becoming brighter and venturing towards more creative paper forms. We have incorporated the dissolve, blur and fade to black transitions; enabling subtle, sophisticated and professional cross cutting between images. Thus, the colour, lighting, positioning and movement of our images capture the everyday aesthetic of paper and transform it into art.

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