Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Essay: Clocks  

Theme: Clocks

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Photos often are recognized as a method in capturing special occasions or important moments in time. However, Susan Murray’s notion of the ‘Everyday Aesthetic’ focuses on the idea of capturing things and objects that would not normally be noticed or recognized. It is about the mundane images or moments that occur on a daily basis.

For our photo essay we decided on the topic of ‘Clocks’. Clocks are objects that hold great significance in our daily lives. Without clocks we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our daily tasks or appointments. Hence, they remain vital objects in our lives but often aren’t seen as such. When undertaking the task we noticed that clocks are present wherever we go, whether small or large.  For instance, on phones, iPad’s, computers, shelves, bedside tables, hallways or even in your kitchens. It was noted that digital clocks now appear more than analog. This emphasized the increase of digital media in our everyday lives. Evidently, clocks are becoming more apparent in our lives and therefore clearly depict and emphasize Susan Murray’s notion of the ‘Everyday Aesthetic’.

In our photo essay, we included the music “Instrumental Revenge” by Carter William. This music is simple yet holds the digital quality that we wanted to depict. It begins with a distinct ticking sound, which identifies with an analog clock then transitions into a digitalized sound, which resonates with audiences today. It complements the images, moving between analog and digital. Our aim was to illustrate this changing nature in society whilst capturing the ‘Everyday Aesthetic’.

Murray, S (2008) Digital Images, Photo-Sharing, and Our Shifting Notions of Everyday Aesthetics. Journal of Visual Culture August 2008 vol. 7(2). 147-163

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